Instructions for Authors


All accepted papers will be published by Springer-Verlag in the Lecture Notes in Computer Science Series. Papers will be published in three categories: distinguished papers (12 pages), full papers (8 pages), and short papers (4 pages). Up to 2 extra pages can be bought for 20 each, which can be done when you register for the conference. Proceedings will be available at the conference. Distinguished papers and full papers are allowed 30 minutes for presentation and short papers are allowed 15 minutes.

Rules and Timetable

You must submit the final form of your paper by May the 20th. You must also have registered for the conference by the 1st of June for your paper to appear in the proceedings. In preparing your paper you must follow the instructions for authors for LNCS which can be found at LNCS Instructions for Authors You MUST submit LaTeX source, dvi and postscript files. 'Word' documents are not acceptable. Also note that you are required to send a signed copyright form to us at the address below by the 1st of June

Preparing and Submitting your Paper

In the following, paper_ref (for example 123.34) is the reference number of your paper as contained in your acceptance email.
  1. Use a single directory called paper_ref to work in.
  2. Put all your LaTeX source, macros, picture files etc into this directory.
  3. Call the main LaTeX file paper_ref.tex, for example 123.45.tex
  4. Go into the directory paper_ref and LaTeX your paper. For example
    latex 123.45
  5. Construct the postscript version of your paper using:-
    dvips -o paper_ref
    For example
    dvips -o 123.45
  6. Print the resulting postscript file and make sure it is correct.
  7. Go to the directory above paper_ref and tar it by typing
    tar cf paper_ref.tar paper_ref
    For example
    tar cf 123.45.tar 123.45
  8. Compress the paper_ref.tar file using the standard Unix compress command.
    compress paper_ref.tar for example
    compress 123.45.tar
    This produces a file paper_ref.tar.Z
  9. Submit the tarred compressed file to the anonymous ftp site
    (If the name doesn't work the numerical address is
    login as anonymous using the password given in the your paper acceptance email. Change directory to /europar98/papers/paper_ref for example
    cd /europar98/papers/123.45
    set binary mode (type bin)
    (you can also watch the file go by typing hash)
    and submit your paper by typing
    put paper_ref.tar.Z
    exit ftp
  10. PLEASE NOTE. The ftp site is write only. You will not be able to "see" your file after submitting it.

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